Tuesday, September 2, 2014

For once you might want to land in The Wetspot

I've been away a lot, but I recently found out that the owners of Grumble have opened an adult club in SL.  It's called The Wetspot.  While it's has pretty much what you'd expect to find a large adult club, the build is pretty neat.  It is much like the Grumble main store was two or three builds ago.  Which was my favorite version.  It's all steel, glass and water.  In many places the floors are transparent so it looks like you are walking on water.  So, the name is not only a bit risque, it's a bit of a visual pun.

A number of events are already scheduled.  I do believe they will be having prizes for the best dressed and such.  So I encourage to you stop by, check out the neat build, and maybe pick an event to sample.  I also believe they are hiring dancers, DJs and the like.  So, I'll be stopping by again to see if the Wetspot turns out to be a hotspot as well.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beware the ides of ...August?

Sorry I haven't been posting much of late, making the assumption you come here often enough to notice.  But I have been distracted by what so many folks call "real life."  Or just RL.  This time of year, due to my work and other factors, often has a lot to keep me distracted and stressed.  But this year has been especially awful.  In the last few weeks I've been ill, my RL partner has had to have surgery, my cat got sick and had to be put down and then...To cap it all off, we had to put down our dog as well.  With all that, on those occasions that I've had the time to post here, or even log into SL, I've often not had the energy or inclination.

One thing I've noticed about SL over the years I've been visiting it, many folks are...Let's call them testy.  I'm not a peaceful upbeat joyful soul by nature.  I'm more inclined to angry or melancholy.  But I've never seen any reason to inflict those things on others just because that's how I feel.  So, unless I just really need a distraction from RL that I can't find in a book, movie or other similar activity, when I'm in a bad mood I try to stay out of Second Life.  Maybe some other folks should consider a similar choice?

But lest you think I'm playing holier than thou, I will confess I have logged in after a bad day, thinking I had it all under control and then subsequently gone off the deep end.  To anyone who has had to suffer through that, my apologies.

All that said, here's to hoping we all have a better September.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Latest Grumbles

Thanks to a flaky PC and the demands of RL, I haven't found much time to roam or shop.  But I did swing by Grumble to just look around.  I found a cute little number for myself from the Aloha Fair that started on the 28th.  I also happened across an employee modelling a really awesome sort of suit outfit.  Sadly, it seems the only way to get this outfit right now is via lucky chair!  And I usually don't have the patience to wait for lucky chairs to provide a specific item.  Anyway, here the two are for your viewing pleasure.

I took a romp at ROMP

ROMP is sort of "fair" held by many of the fine pervy purveyors of virtual goods in SL.  Sad to say, I found nothing I had to buy for my dungeon, garden or bed chamber.  But I did greatly admire the build.  Here are a few shots of the lovely garden like setting.

The wide shot is from the main gate down the length of the primary shopping area.  The two smaller images are of a lovely fountain surrounded by flowers and lit by sunbeams, and a large squid thingie covered in a blanket at the far end of the main concourse.  My only disappointment with the squid was that it was not equipped with any sitting animations and being a mesh or sculpty, you couldn't really pose on it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July in Pair A Dice

The sim owner Raychill Firecaster picked up some nice fireworks for the island this year.  Here's me in a patriotic beach number enjoying a twilight show.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More nice from the Nitch.

Here's a cute summer top from Grumble that's featured at the Naughty Nitch Event.  The thong is from Anthony Art, hair W&Y and the location, Pair A Dice of course.
The only thing I don't love about this top is that the darker under layer halter, and the patterned loose shell are actually one piece, so you can't mix and match the two parts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Naughty is nice with Grumble.

The Naughty Nitch event has started and I've gotten my hands on some of the goodies.  In the snapshot here you can see the positively adorable little miniskirt with a great laced belt.  Here it's matched with a top from Plausible Body and some flip flops from Jay's.  The snapshot is take on a speed boat docked at Pair A Dice.

You can check out the other contributions from Grumble at the link above.  And some are equally adorable, I just haven't made and outfit with them yet.  Or you can visit the event in world.

Happy shopping!

Happy 11th Birthday SL! Sorry the prognosis is terminal.

The last week or so of June this year was selected to celebrate the 11th Year of Second Life.  It wasn't really pushed too much, and if you tried an in world search to find the apparently vast celebration, it did not come up easily.  I eventually found it using a web search and then following a teleport link from a website.  You'd think Linden Labs would be making sure everyone could easily find something that showcased the creativity and history of a virtual world that is now old enough to ride most roller coasters.  Be that as it may, I did find it, but I'm still using a cobbled together PC and even using Firestorm it really doesn't deal well with busy sim unless I crank way back on the graphics.  So...I only did a little looking around and only took two snapshots.  I wearing an older mesh hair, that is white and some clothing layer stuff to keep down on lag.

I'm sure there was all kinds of other neat stuff, but I keep crashing and just gave up on it for the moment.  I never got back to it before the end of the event.

On a similar bittersweet note, at about the same time as the SL11B event, Linden Labs announced their intention to create a new virtual world.  One that is not backwards compatible with Second Life and that will not be open source.  They claimed that they will be phasing out development for SL, but will keep the existing system running as long as it is profitable.  Given LL's history to date, that doesn't sound real promising.

So will their be a SL12B?  Almost certainly.  SL13, very probably.  After that...Who knows.  But basically the doctor has said it's terminal, just not how long we've got.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The value of worth.

Okay, more deep thoughts here.  If you are wanting fashion, locations or shopping tips, skip this post.

If you have been in SL for a while...Well, the adult parts.  Then you have seen the BDSM types who some folks call "collectors."  These are so called dominants who seem bent on claiming as theirs as many people who identify as submissive as possible.  You have probably seen them around.  Even if you aren't into BDSM.  And each time you see them they probably have a different sub on a leash or kneeling at their feet.

For some reason there seems to be a lot more submissives in SL than there are dominants.  And some submissives want nothing so much as to be "owned."   Mostly they are the newer folks to SL, those who have been around a while tend to learn a bit about how things work and are a bit less eager to turn over control of their second lives to another.  But some, not so much.  Since there are more dominants than submissives, it's a buyers market.

A while back I had someone who is the top dog in a very large...Clan?..Of people who categorize as dominant or submissive, yet have many ranks of each, say something to me.  She said, in reference to someone who had already been assimilated into the so called clan, "You are worth twice such as they."

At first, being the shallow creature I am, I felt a squee of delight.  Someone appreciated the fact I have a well assembled aesthetically pleasing avatar.  They recognized I am a great emoter.  They understand I'm smart and can build and I'm not just here for the naughty bits.  They acknowledged that I'm desirable beyond simply having a sexy avatar.

But then I had a wave of eeeeewwww crash over me.  Maybe it is just because I was raised as an American.  But, to me, there is something fundamentally wrong with considering anyone worth more than anyone else.

Saying you want someone more than another.  That's OK.  That's actually good.  Marriage and families would be impossible without that.  Saying someone can contribute more than another in a specific circumstance, again, can't fault that.  Education, skills, abilities...We do not all have these equally.

But worth?  How do you value a person?  I find that I can not do so.

Little heads, big rivers.

As it happens my best PC is kaput currently, but I've upgraded an old box enough to run SL moderately well.  If you consider one or two crashes per visit acceptable.  Even so, and on top of being rather under the weather otherwise, I've been in SL a good bit the last few days.  While there, I decided to stop by the Amazon River (also Open Collar HQ) sim and check things out.  It seems they are ...Redecorating seems insufficiently grand.  Let's say, terraforming.  The new digs seems pretty nice, thought not yet complete.  Here is a snapshot of some rather scenic water falls.

I'm in a top by Plausible Body and thong by Anthony Art.  Frodo, the owner of Anthony Art is quite the CGI artist and not only makes clothing but some very erotic artworks featuring young men.

Speaking of men, while wandering around the place, I saw another one of those avatars that confuse me.  I went to art skool for a while.  And consequently figure drawing and proportions are almost hardwired into my brain.  So when I see someone with an avatar that looks more or less normal except for one gross aberration, I have to wonder what is going on.  According to what I was taught, a typical adult stands about 7.5 times their head tall.  For various aesthetic reasons, people often push that ratio up as high as 8.5.  But when you see someone who has an avatar with a head that is 1/10th the height of their body, you have to wonder.  Can they look at this and not know it looks odd?  Is it a subtle joke?  I don't know.  I saw this avatar and took a snapshot, with minimal foreshortening.  And you can see...He just looks peculiar.  The face is pixelated cause I don't want to embarrass or point fingers at anyone.  Does anyone find this attractive?  I mean really, if you do, please leave comment.