Monday, October 27, 2014

Moding Mesh

While rigged mesh can't be re-sized or re-positioned, if the item you have is copy/mod, you can have a bit of fun tweaking it's textures!  I recently found a cute little sweater number for 1L on the marketplace.  Once I had it, I found it was copy and modifiable and I decided to make a copy and tweak its texture.  I've tinted a few mesh items to make them match my outfit a bit better, but this is the first time I've made a serious effort to re-texture some mesh.  I also added a sculptie collar I found in a web repository of free sculpt textures.  The net result is, I think, rather cute.  So, for your edification and enjoyment here I am posing in it at Pair A Dice.

How do you tint or edit mesh?  Well, you can right click on it in inventory once you are wearing it.  If, among the options you see "edit," you chose that.  Now that you have the edit dialog, you can change the tint color from white to any other other shade you can achieve with the SL build menu color picker.  Or, you can replace the texture map for the item.  Just be aware that the texture map for mesh is not the same as that used by the legacy clothing layers of SL.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

More fun for the flat chested.

I have posted a couple of times before about Bare@Rose. You can read those posting here and here.  It's a huge place that was around long before I found Second Life.  The first time I went the inventory already took what seemed like forever to rez and wander through.  I must have spent two hours there on my first visit, maybe more.  The owner has been adding several outfits every month since.  So the shop is even more massive.  Not too long ago she started adding mesh outfits.  Which excited me, but the demos did not fit me well.  I finally found a demo from the "flat chested" section and found that they are in fact for those of us that don't have a giant chest like Dolly Parton.  While I did not find them made truly "flat," they are sized to be workable for very small to flat chested avatars. So if your avatar is a femboi, flat chested girl, small (as in normal RL sized) guy, or something similar.  And you like anime inspired looks, you really should check out Bare@Rose.

I found one outfit that amused me a lot, a sort of short toga or off the shoulder tunic called "Thalia."  It comes with several different color sashes, a spiky thing vaguely like a laurel wreath, a pair of sandals and some strappy bits for your arms and legs. You can see the web add for it here.  The wreath, sandals and straps look okay, but I found them unneeded for a look that amused me. So, if you are wondering what the flat chested bits from B@R are like.  An image of me in the Thalia mesh outfit is included for your viewing pleasure.  I'm using my totally flat chested shape and hanging out in some ruins at Pair A Dice.

Happy shopping!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Been buildly, but that don't mean I aint dressing sharp.

I have been decorating Pair A Dice for Halloween. I've made items for our scavenger hunt.  I've also been making hair, shapes, various other odds and sods and even doing a bit of coding in LSL.  I should post some pictures of some of my products.  I probably will one of these days.

But just cause I've been doing all that, doesn't mean I haven't been putting together some nice looks.  Many of them at little or no cost.  Here is a laced up latex body suit from Karu Karu that I picked up free, combined with a free jacket from O&K and free boots from Blackburn's.  The belt is modified from another freebie and my hair is my old favorite short do.  The free one from Byrce that I've had forever.

The location, just like most of the quick snapshots I take these days is at Pair A Dice.  How can I find so many different places to take pictures?  Well, it could be due the fact it's a whole sim full of all kinds of neat places to visit.  But you'd have to swing by to know that for sure wouldn't you?

The Bohemian Second Life

It seems that Grumble as really gotten into some nice more "boho" fashion lately.  They are participating in an event this October as seen here.  And here along with the link from the event, are a couple of outfits featuring some of the items.  They are cute and sexy!  So I recommend you check them out.

 Boho Culture Fair

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gray about Grumble

I was recently wearing an all Grumble outfit, in grey.  It's rather fetching and a snapshot is included for your perusal.  But I was also feeling a tad gray, the store has indeed relocated and much of the older inventory is still missing.  I was going to use one of my gift cards to buy some shoes for a friend, but after transferring all the gift cards to L, I couldn't find any in world shoes except the new Slink feet types.  And not all of us have slink feet.  I'll keep checking it out and letting you know when I find something really nice from Grumble.  Like the shoes, skirt, top and bracelets I'm wearing here.

I've also decorated the island I call my home for Halloween. Included among the ghosts, ghoulies and pumpkins are some items that contain gifts.  Skull earrings, pumpkin earrings, walking sticks and a couple of outfits I've got tagged to sell for 1L.  Unlike the Halloween themed items, The outfits are not copy, so once sold, they are gone.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tis the season for ghoulies, ghosties and kitties!

I'm starting to think Halloween.  And as usual, I plan to help decorate my home sim Pair A Dice.  This year though, I thought I'd kick things off by putting together a cute costume for my fellow pirates!  You can pick it up even if you are not in the group by swinging by the sim.  It's available free in a hut by the docks, next to the shemale pirate and sissy maid avatar kits I made a while back.  Here's the box art so you can see what I am talking about.  The SLURL is

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Steampunk fashion that helps.

I posted an entry a few days ago about the Clockwork Spiral fund raiser in Second Life.  I finally got around to taking a nice snapshot of the outfit I got there, for only 200L!  The boots are from Bootgasm, the location is the cemetery at Pair-A-Dice.  I think it's a great outfit for the price.  Not super crazy about the skirt.  But the skirt and top are separate, so I can mix and match.  So take this as an example of how you can do good, and dress good all in one stroke by donating to the many fund raising events in SL.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some interesting insights on gender and sexual attraction.

I recently stumbled onto a couple of rather interesting videos on Youtube.  One, is a question and answer sort of thing featuring Bailey Jay.  If you are not familiar with her, she's a trans woman, model, cosplayer and porn star.  I have to admit, I've admired quite a few photos of her I've seen on the web.  But I found this rather candid interview fascinating.  It also showed her as a smart, articulate, thoughtful and frankly adorable person.  If you are a fan of her adult fare, and don't want to see her as a person, then don't watch this.  But if you are want a glimpse under the glam, I strongly recommend taking a look at this video.  It also proves rather thought provoking about issues among the trans community, gender ID and I think gives you a glimpse at how society's narrow definitions can result in some deep seated pain for those that are polyhedron shaped pegs in this world of squares and circle shaped holes.

The other video does a lot to answer a question that seems to crop up in a lot.  Is lusting after a "Shemale" gay?  I've never worried about that too much.  I likes what I like.  But it was interesting to see how women and men, under scientific study, have very different triggers as to what they find arousing.

Anyway, the answer the scientists came up with to /D/'s frequent question is...  If you really need to know, watch the video.

This video also explains why women like Edward from Twilight.  I always thought he was OK, certainly a stand up guy.  But if I had to pick a side in the eternal Edward vs Jacob argument, I think I'd go Jacob. Mostly for aesthetic reasons.  For one thing, I like lips.  I think lips are attractive, and he has much better lips.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Clockwork Spiral worth spending time, and $L.

An event called The Clockwork Spiral, whose proceeds go to the National Kidney Foundation runs till the 1st of October.  It's a neat atmospheric build that's fun to explore.  In addition, it is full of kiosks and shops featuring steampunk themed items for sale.  Many of the items featured on special vendors have some, or all, of their cost go to the charity.  As is often the case, I managed to find a cute little outfit that was both appealing and 100% toward the charity.  I'll post images of that later.  For now, here a few images of the impressive dark and foreboding build, all taken while I was dressed in the cute gothy outfit from Lady in Red with boots from Blackburn.

As it happens there are a good number of other images via Google search if you care to check them out.  I also happened to notice the event seems to be in an adult rated sim, so if you are not verified, that might be issue if you want to visit.

Lady In Red

I recently found a clothing vendor in the Second Life Marketplace under the name of Lady in Red.  They offer several outfits for on 1L.  Below, I am wearing one while dancing at Club Stiletto with the owner Miss Zana and the Manager Monica.  You can visit the shop via browser here.  I think the 1L promo items are pretty spiffy, as are many of their other items, many of which seem to run only around 99L.

The boots are Blackburn, the stockings from yet another shop.  Hair is my favorite from W&Y.