Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Bare@Rose, this time for the girls.

I dug out a few of my girly outfits from Bare@Rose and made some snapshots to show you what sorts of things they have in that vein.  But believe me people, this is only the tiniest drop from the sea of selection you can find there.  And none of this stuff is from the new mesh line.  So, for your enjoyment, here are the outfits.  It is also worth mentioning that none of the shoes are from B@R, all the shoes shown are from Grumble.  Hair, glasses, jewelry are from assorted places.

The school uniform and biker outfit both include three colors, the sort of slave Leia looking outfit comes in two colors and has more bits not shown making it more a set of "bikini armor."  Last the shinny outfit is from the freebie pile, and that shiny effect is done with a texture on clothing layers, not mesh!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bare@Rose - Oldie but goodie

I discovered Bare@Rose a couple of months into my time in Second Life.  And I've always sort of assumed everyone finds out about it within a few weeks.  But lately I've run into some long time residents who were unfamiliar with this institution.  So, I dug out some of my old Bare@Rose gear and fitted it to my current avatar.  Then posed for some snapshots.  I hope you can see that even though these items are old style clothing layer and prim, they are still very amusing.  I've got some girl outfits too I'll have to dig out and take shots of some time.  These are all boy stuffs.

The shoes shown are not B@R products.  The over the knee boots are from Blackburn, the spats are from the shared LL library.

Bare@Rose has recently gotten into producing mesh clothing, but the demos I've tried are all for Avatars much more generously proportioned than I ever get.  I have seen a new line of mesh for "flat" avatars, I might try one of these out, but sadly there appear to be no demos.

Bare@Rose (B@R from now on) has a few kinds of hair, some shoes, and even a bit of furniture.  It has a large random freebie pile.  But what they excel at is complete outfits.  To use a comparison my fellow American's should follow, but might puzzle our friends over seas...

If SF Design is Men's Wharehouse and Grumble is Target, then B@R is Dress Barn.

The expensive outfits are still under 200L.  Average price for a complete outfit, usually without shoes but in at least two variations, is 150L.  The texturing and prim styling are not always the best.  But if you are looking for a "costumey" outfit, especially something related to Anime, Cosplay, Fantasy or Scifi, you can probably find one or more examples here.  While most outfits are okay to nice, a few things you'll find are absolute jewels.

And for those avatars still struggling to find mesh outfits to fit them right, the traditional clothing layer and prim stuff that fills the literally hundreds, maybe thousand plus boxes, will fit nearly any size avatar with a bit of adjustment.

The one up, or down, side to B@R is all items are modify and transfer, not copy.  So if you really mess something up adjusting it, you are hosed.  On the plus side, you can easily give stuff from here as gifts.  And since most boxes contain 2 or 3 color variations of the outfit, you can share selected parts of the outfit with others.  There is almost always one clothing layer piece that is not duplicated, so you can't split the entire outfit.  But you can often say, for example, give the jacket of a suit in one color to a friend or alt for their use with different pants, while keeping another color and the pants for yourself.

Lastly, if you shop at B@R HQ in world, they give away door prizes every few minutes.  Given it takes a very fast shopper probably at least an hour, more likely two, to quickly browse the entire store, odds are you'll win something while you shop.  If you don't like shopping in world, they do have a website here.   And some of their inventory is in the SL Marketplace here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Ladyboy Looks

My goal from early on in SL was to have an Avatar that looked a lot like a Thai Ladyboy.  But one that was could also perhaps be of mixed race, or perhaps even from another place entirely.  Such as Brazil, another country known for having some sexy transexuals and a country where you would most likely find my SL last name.  I am born and raised in the USA, so while I know some things about other countries, I have never lived there.  Thus a desire to have a truly ambiguous, very mixed race, American appearance.  For edification and amusement, I've compiled a collage of four images of my avatar's face, surrounded by the faces of many Ladyboy models from Asia.  Most are probably from Thailand.  I think I've managed to keep to my aim and pay homage to these lovely faces.

The sexy secretary grumbles

I missed out on being able to attend this Friday's themed event at Stiletto's, but I did put together an outfit for it beforehand.  So, again, I wanted to show it off here even if I didn't get to do so in world.  Everything but the hose and tie are from Grumble, even the hair.  The mesh jacket is from a full womens business suit.  I had an issue with the sleeve alpha not working right around the cuffs, so I added prim cuffs from a Blakopal men's steampunk outfit.  I think it works rather well as an ad hoc cover up.  

The snapshot was taken in the library at Pair A Dice.  I actually looked around for a modern secretary sort of setting, but after a couple of failed attempts to find a good place, I used a desk in my good ole home sim.  You really can find almost everything you need at Pair A Dice.

Oh, I made the clipboard I'm holding as a prop.  And later, a pencil to boot.  Should you be in dire need of either, IM me in world and I'll send you a copy.

Lost and Found

It seems like about half the time I go looking for a specific snapshot from SL, I find others I had forgotten about.  So, here are couple of nice ones.  One is a collection of mesh gear from last years Glam fair.  The shot is taken in the Paris sim where my ancient profile image was also taken.  Still one of the kewlest sims in SL.  The other is a frilly mesh dress from Slave Dressing room and some color change boots from Grumble.  The background is the chapel at Pair A Dice.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A dreamy garden.

In my profile is says I like to see good builds and explore.  Every once in a blue moon someone will IM me with a suggestion.  That happened recently and I wanted to show you all a couple of images from The Garden of Dreams.  A nice fellow named Ruberboy had read my profile and suggested I visit this place saying, "It is like Rivendell."  Well, I agree, though I think it even more strongly reminded me of the Forrest of L√≥rien and/or the actual city Caras Galadhon.  But then I'm a Tolkien geek.  Not on par with say Stephen Colbert, but I know a thing or two.

All that said, I changed into one of my elven outfits and went for a look around.  The build is gorgeous.  You should check it out in person, because these 2D snapshots just don't do it justice.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Club Stiletto is one of my favorite hang outs these days.  Usually some one around, lots of events, friendly folks, good music and best of all, chat in local.  Last Friday they had a "Come as you would to RL work" day.  So I put together this outfit.  Sadly, the DJ got sick so the event was canceled.  But I'd gone to the effort of going through my rather extensive inventory and finding the right thing to wear.  So darn it, I was going to wear it!  I wanted to take a snap shot in front of some server racks, but IT infrastructure is actually rather hard to find in SL.  I ended up finding the place shown below in the bowels of the Arcturus RP Sim that has subsumed the old Skara Brae sim.

Yup, that's what I wear to work.  Jeans, plaid shirt, sneakers and sweater to keep warm in the data center.  Not to mention my ID card, cell phone and glasses.

Club Noir

A really nice friendly club aimed at adults and providing jazz, rat pack and other oldies.  The decor and dance ball are perfect for the type of music provided.  There are not always folks here, but if you hang around for a bit, odds are someone will show up in a few minutes.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Profile Image. Thank you Dollle.

A while back I posted an image of me in a great little leather outfit from Dollle.  You can see it here.  I really liked it, especially since the top sleeve and collar portion were separate from the actual dress part.  Unfortunately it did not come with an alpha layer that let you wear them as separate items.  I found some alphas from other things that sort of worked.  But I also IM'd the creator CrystalDoll Lemon.  She actually took my advice and created individual alphas for the parts and even sent me the new version!  Which was terribly nice of her.  You can check out her SL Marketplace shop here.

I like the upper part of this outfit so much, I used it to create a new profile image.  Which is shown below.  I've been watching the new version of Cosmos, and I think maybe it influenced by design choices.  What do you think?  The snapshot used for this was taken at Inspire Space Park.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Holiday Snapshots

I was working on a new profile image today and found a couple of snapshots from holidays past in my pictures folder.  So, I thought I'd share them with you.

Watching Independence Day fireworks at Miko's Nude Beach

Dancing at Touch of Pleasure on St. Patrick's Day